Place: Hotel Ramada Sofia City Center,  Maria Luiza 131 Blvd, Sofia, Bulgaria 1202



Currently all citizens coming from countries from COVID-19 Red Zone, participating at sports events can enter Bulgaria by presenting a valid digital EU COVID-19 vaccination certificate or a negative result from a PCR test conducted up to 72 hours before entering the country or a valid digital EU COVID-19 recovery certificate or an equivalent document containing the same data as the EU digital COVID-19 vaccination, recovery or PCR test certificate. However, all team members, citizens of a COVID-19 Red Zone need a permission for Ministry of Youth and Sport in Bulgaria. The permission need 10 working days for issuance. Therefore, all team representatives who needs such permission, please send an email to: The email must contain the following information – full name of the team members, date of arrival, date of departure, point of arrival (name of airport, or border crossing station if arriving by vehicle, or railway station’s name) and place of stay (name and address of the hotel).

Due to dynamic changes, please keep yourself updated for the actual COVID-19 situation in Bulgaria and act accordingly. Some useful links to follow:

Bulgarian Ministry of Foreigner Affairs:

COVID-19 Travel Regulations Map:

As the format of the event will be a bio-secured bubble, all accredited teams participating at the event should stay at the event hotel and book their hotel accommodation via the Organizing Committee.

All participants who stay at the hotel of the competition (official hotel) must show a negative RT-PCR SARS-CoV-2 or Rapid test SARS CoV 2 (Ag) test on the day of registration. The test shall be taken up to 72 hours for PCR test and 48 hours for antigen test prior to the event. If some of the participants do not have a negative PCR or negative antigen test, they may do it in the hotel at the mobile laboratory station.

Participants that go out of the hotel and come back inside must do a PCR/Antigen test at their expense due to COVID-19 restrictions and overall safety. The cost for a Rapid test SARS CoV 2 (Ag) is 20 euro and has to be in paid cash or by card at place.

COVID testing will be possible on-site at hotel if requested by the participants in advance by email to or to the OC.